5 Payoffs of Closing Escrow By Year’s End

Every intentional human behavior has one or more payoffs. Sometimes they are rewards we’re consciously aware of, like getting our literal paychecks in exchange for the sweat of our brows. Other times, we are much less conscious of the potential payoffs of our behavior, as when someone procrastinates at filing their taxes to avoid the realities of their financial situation (for a while – the tax man always cometh, sooner or later).


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Psychologists call these less-obvious payoffs “secondary gains.” According to them, a payoff is a payoff, whether or not you know you’re getting it!

When it comes to putting a firm, year-end deadline on your personal mission to buy or sell your home, there are the obvious payoffs of having 2013 dawn on your new life in your new home, being out from under water or simply being able to move onto a new phase of your life.  But there are loads of secondary gains, as well.

Here is a handful of payoffs, some obvious, some less, which you stand to realize by getting your home purchase or sale closed before the curtain drops on 2012 – and the ball drops on 2013:

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