Decorate Your Kitchen With A spanish Theme


Decorate with a Spanish theme


Bright colored in Spanish-style motifs are a great way to start decorating your Mexican-style kitchen. You can use on the counter and also as a colorful backsplash behind the sink and stove. To complete the look, think about putting some of the colorful tiles in key spots on an earthy floor. This will add color as well as interest.

Talavera ceramics look great and also add an authentic feeling of spain to the kitchen. You can decorate with Talavera candle holders, pots, vases and even sinks.handyman service home repair

You can find many spanish style accents for your kitchen right in your local home decorating store or if the exact pieces you want are not available there, try shopping online. If you want something handmade try finding some local. If you are looking for a bargain, shop the local consignment stores, flea markets and even eBay. Talavera tiles are usually one-of-a-kind items that add interest and make your kitchen unique.

Add Spain flair to your counter tops with few wooden spoons in a Talavera ceramic pot. Ceramic and Wooden vessels such as bowls, planters, serving utensils and dishes add to the theme.

When shopping for your kitchen furniture buy rustic looking Spanish furniture too add authenticity to your Spanish kitchen. Handmade wood bar stools, tables and chairs that have hand-carved decorations will add interest and look great. Looks for woods such as wormwood, pine and mesquite.

Another thing you can use to accessorize your Spanish kitchen is hammered copper. Installing A hammered copper sink can look beautiful and will enhance the natural look of your kitchen. A benefit of a copper sink that many do not know about is that bacteria cannot survive on copper surfaces. Use other hammered copper items around your kitchen to give it a warm look. A hammered copper hood placed above your stove looks great and is part of typical Spanish decor.

Some other things you can decorate your Spanish kitchen with are hand-woven baskets, clusters of chili peppers hanging down from hooks, and open cupboards with colorful  plates and cups within easy reach.

Finally, check your local pottery shops for stoneware and handcrafted design elements that have a touch of Spain. Visit a nearby flea market and dig for vintage Mexican style accessories that will add to the feel of  Spainish in your kitchen. Bright pottery can add interest and help tie the decor together.

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