Scottish castle hopes to cash in on ‘Downton Abbey’

gal pal while grabbing dinner at Lou Lou. A new video of Michelle and her Downton Abbey castmates “singing” the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful” was recently released and it is a must see. Check it out below and share it with your friends!

Michelle Dockery: 'Downton Abbey' Covers One Direction!

Without giving away the tragic end to the third season finale of popular PBS Masterpiece Classics television series “Downton Abbey,” it might be a good idea to take a big dose of Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess

Michelle Dockery: 'Downton Abbey' Covers One Direction!

So. That happened. Lots of other things happened, too, by the way. They kind of had to, seeing as how this movie-length episode which originally aire.

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